Little Things


It’s the little things in life that make me truly happy. On Valentine’s Day, my husband’s face lit up when I gave him a small box of chocolates. Ross lifted the heart-shaped lid and one by one, ate all three pieces of candy. It was delightful to see him enjoy my simple gift.

Ross knows I like bright colors, so his gift to me was a rainbow assortment of socks. There’s a pink pair missing from the picture because they were already on my feet. That’s how much I love them!

Highlight of 2016: Pescatarean Thanksgiving


There were so many blessings in 2016, but my favorite was getting to spend the Thanksgiving week with my mom, just the two of us. Earlier in the year, I told Mom that I had stopped eating meat, and she was so happy. When I told her that I was coming to her house for Thanksgiving, she was thrilled that she didn’t have to make a turkey. Instead, we had a delightful, but unconventional holiday meal! Continue reading “Highlight of 2016: Pescatarean Thanksgiving”

The Guy Not Taken


After reading Jennifer Weiner’s hilarious essay in the November issue of “Real Simple Magazine,” I found myself craving more of her work. Weiner is the bestselling author of many books, including “In Her Shoes,” a novel that was made into a major motion picture.

I chose “The Guy Not Taken,” a collection of Weiner’s short stories. Many of the main characters are female, so I found the stories relatable and delightfully unpredictable. Continue reading “The Guy Not Taken”

Wrapped in Home


Thanks to Facebook, my dear friend Dayna and I reconnected after 33 years!

Dayna and I worked together in 1983 at a jewelry store in Ocean City, Maryland. During that eventful summer, we had many good times. (It’s all in my short story, One Gutsy Summer, published in “My Gutsy Story Anthology 2, Second Editon.”) In the fall of that year, our lives went in different directions. Continue reading “Wrapped in Home”

Blogging about a Blog Post


I was so excited to write an article for about the upcoming Harvest Faire at Journey School. For more information about this wonderful family event, please click on the red title below.

Journey School’s 10th Annual Harvest Faire