4:27 by Evan Chun

IMG_5166My son’s English assignment was to write about facing a fear. I loved his story so much that I had to post it here! Fortunately, he had pictures to illustrate just how scary this trick is.

4:27 by Evan Chun

It was a Sunday afternoon in summer, and I was going to the skate park, nicknamed Blue Gates, due to the color of the fences. It was 4:27 p.m., three minutes until skate session was over and bike session would start. I hesitated, rolling back and forth, thinking of all the terrible ways rolling into the nine could end, a skateboard trick in which you ride up to a bowl or ramp without getting off your board, turn right over the lip and down the face of the transition.

“The Nine,” cleverly named by a local, due to its nine-foot depth, resembles a large swimming pool. Only three kids had I seen even land the trick. Knowing and being friends with two of the kids, I wanted to conquer this trick to keep up with their skills.
My sister was waiting in her car in the parking lot, ready to go and I had finally made up my mind.Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 2.18.46 PMIMG_5167

I started about 10 feet back, took two pushes, secured my feet on the board and lifted my front wheels up and over the side of the bowl. Once the back of my skateboard caught up to the edge, before I knew it, I was free falling mid-air for about two feet down until I heard my wheels slam down the side of the bowl. I was at the bottom for nearly two seconds until I was mid-air again, coming out the other side, board grasped in my hand. My feet finally made contact with the ground.

“I did it! And before closing!” I said to myself in my head. I couldn’t believe it! I heard the final call for closing and raced outside to tell my sister.


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