Lit Up Orange County

Lit Up OC 1

On June 19, I had the privilege of participating in “Lit Up Orange County.” Held at Kean Coffee once a month, this event features three authors who read from their published work and answer questions from the audience.

I read a portion of my short story, “The Bicycle.” The audience laughed when I read the part where Sydney takes the meatloaf from the refrigerator and puts it in her backpack.

Then, during the Q & A, I talked about my story, “That’s Enough!” to explain how there is a theme in each of  my short stories.

lit up oc

In “That’s Enough,” a group of us girls took grapes from our friend Tina’s backyard. Later, we helped ourselves to cookies that Tina’s mom had stored in tins in the garage. A man in the audience raised his hand and asked, “Were you fed at home?” The audience laughed.

“That reminds me of another story,” I said, and I told the audience about “Shopping and Other Antics,” in which I describe the fun my friends and I had hanging out at the mall. One of our favorite activities was visiting Hickory Farms for all the free samples.

“So there’s a lot of food stealing in your book?” the moderator asked me.

Lit Up OC 3

“I didn’t realize it, but I guess so,” I said.

I was the third author of the evening, and although I didn’t plan it, my presentation ended up being humorous and lots of fun!


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