Mother’s Day gifts

Mom and me 2015 copyThe best Mother’s Day gifts are my mom


Bop, Sarah and Girlie and the people who made me a mom.


Girlie 2 That means you, too Girlie!


But, I’d also like to share the other gifts that I got.

Mother's Day card

Sarah and Evan made me this beautiful card and wrote sweet messages of appreciation for all that I do.



scarf and necklace


Ross got me this scarf last year for Mother’s Day. I loved it, wore it often and was so sad when I lost it. A word to the wise: don’t wear a scarf to the airport. I removed it to go through security and put it back on afterward, but I must not have tied it securely around my neck. It’s very light and ruffly, so it must have blown off as I rushed toward the gate. I checked with lost and found for a month to no avail. So, it was really sweet of Ross to get me the same scarf again this year. I’m hanging onto this one!

Sarah and Evan got me the anchor necklace. Evan studied Christianity in Social Studies this semester. His textbook showed pictures of symbols that represent the Christian faith, one of which is the anchor. It contains a cross and symbolizes spiritual safety. I found that fascinating and told Sarah that sometime I’d like to get an anchor necklace. She said she kept that in the back of her mind when she and Evan were looking for a gift for me. I love it!




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