Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I'm All About Abbot Kinney 3 copy

Sarah at heart wall

It was a first for us—Sarah driving me to L.A. It seems like just yesterday that I was driving her to playdates. Now the roles are reversed.

“Beverly Hills, downtown or Abbott Kinney?” she asked me.

“I want to see the TOMS Coffee Shop,” I told her.

“That’s on Abbott Kinney,” said Sarah, who’s more knowledgeable about L.A. than me.

So, off we went, like two fugitives, escaping the perfect-ness of Orange County for an adventure in the city.

It was such a fun day and I photographed most of it—the unique entrance to the home that we parked near, the street art, the two of us by the art wall at TOMS, the delicious Acai bowls that we enjoyed and even the purple and green truck where we bought the bowls!

door in VeniceVenice Beach artAcai bowlsIMG_3543

I forgot to take a picture of the pizza place where we sat at the counter and shared a gluten-free pizza with vegan cheese, spinach and no sauce. But that’s okay. I can remember how good it was.

I’ll be savoring this girls’ day for a long time, probably forever. It reminded me of when I was Sarah’s age and how I loved leaving my small town in Maryland for excitement in Washington, D.C., especially Georgetown, which was my east coast Abbott Kinney

Thank you, Sarah for such a fun day!

Sarah and Me at TOMS


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