Highlight of 2016: Pescatarean Thanksgiving


There were so many blessings in 2016, but my favorite was getting to spend the Thanksgiving week with my mom, just the two of us. Earlier in the year, I told Mom that I had stopped eating meat, and she was so happy. When I told her that I was coming to her house for Thanksgiving, she was thrilled that she didn’t have to make a turkey. Instead, we had a delightful, but unconventional holiday meal!

Our menu came together at the last minute. On Wednesday, we went to the store for clams and oysters. On Thursday morning, Mom said she had a box of garlic quinoa in the cupboard, the perfect substitute for stuffing. Some green tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill beckoned me, so I suggested fried green tomatoes. For dessert, we thawed red raspberries that were grown in her yard.

Before our meal, we walked down the hill and under the railroad bridge to the park near Mom’s house. Ducks and geese were in the pond where we went ice skating when I was young.

Canada Geese Fall Colors

Mom and I followed the path around the park to a bench on a swing, like a porch swing, but suspended from a wooden frame. We sat down and talked.

When we resumed our walk toward home, we marveled at the beauty of a line of Canada geese strolling across the park. They stood out in sharp contrast against the bright yellow fallen leaves.

Back at home, we started cooking. Mom steamed the clams and served them with the hot clam broth, the perfect appetizer after our walk.pabuclams_web

I breaded the oysters and the sliced green tomatoes and fried both while Mom made the quinoa and steamed some fresh spinach to go with it.


Fried green tomatoes




Our meal of fried oysters, fried green tomatoes, quinoa and steamed spinach was the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had.


For dessert, we topped the red raspberries with coconut cream, a light and refreshing finale to our pescatarian Thanksgiving!






2 thoughts on “Highlight of 2016: Pescatarean Thanksgiving

  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad you shared that time with your Mom!
    The meal sounded so yummy…. thanks for sharing this special event with us all ~

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