The Guy Not Taken


After reading Jennifer Weiner’s hilarious essay in the November issue of “Real Simple Magazine,” I found myself craving more of her work. Weiner is the bestselling author of many books, including “In Her Shoes,” a novel that was made into a major motion picture.

I chose “The Guy Not Taken,” a collection of Weiner’s short stories. Many of the main characters are female, so I found the stories relatable and delightfully unpredictable.

“Swim” is about a college application consultant who dreams of becoming a writer and finding romance. While at the mall, she gets an unexpected glimpse into her young client’s life.

In “The Mother’s Hour,” Alice, a thirty-ish mom, meets a young woman sporting a Sex Pistols T-shirt and blue hair. The unlikely friendship that develops has a profound effect on Alice’s life.

“Good Men,” my favorite, takes the reader on a journey with the attendees of a bachelor party. After copious amounts of alcohol and marijuana, marriage is discussed. Feelings and emotions are exposed, and what started out as a raucous evening ends on a tender note.


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