Wrapped in Home


Thanks to Facebook, my dear friend Dayna and I reconnected after 33 years!

Dayna and I worked together in 1983 at a jewelry store in Ocean City, Maryland. During that eventful summer, we had many good times. (It’s all in my short story, One Gutsy Summer, published in “My Gutsy Story Anthology 2, Second Editon.”) In the fall of that year, our lives went in different directions.

Coincidentally, we both ended up on the west coast, me in California and Dayna in Washington state. Shortly after we reconnected, Dayna went home to Ocean City for a visit and sent me a scarf with a map of Maryland on it. I love both the idea of a map on a scarf and the colors on it!


Dayna, who has the same scarf, said she feels like she’s “wrapped in home” when she wears it. I thought that was such a nice expression and it made me think about what home means to me.

Maryland is my home because it’s where I grew up and where my mom lives. I feel so loved in her company and in her cozy home with the creaky stairs. In Maryland, I have many good friends and fond memories. California is also my home because my husband and children are here. We’ve put down roots and we’re connected to our community. In our bright and airy home, there is much laughter and love as we support one another through life’s ups and downs.

So, I would define home as a place where the people I love are. My new scarf makes me feel “wrapped in home” because it’s from Dayna and it reminds me of our shared history in Maryland and our great friendship.scarf-for-blog-post




One thought on “Wrapped in Home

  1. What a beautiful Holiday surprise to read this sweet message from you!
    So grateful for our friendship in the past, the present & look forward to adventures together
    in our future ~
    Wrapping this with a love & a big hug,

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