Journey to Blue Gates

evan-skateboarding-copyMy twelve-year-old son, Evan, is eager for freedom. He wants to ride his skateboard beyond the boundaries of our neighborhood to various destinations around town.

After much discussion, my husband and I decided that Evan could ride his skateboard from his school to Blue Gates Skate Park, as long as he found a friend to ride with him. He found two.

Evan had as much fun riding to the skate park as he did when he got there. His short story about his excursion was so impressive that I had to share it!

Journey to Blue Gates

by Evan Chun

All morning, I discussed the tricks I would try this afternoon with my close friend, Alex. We watched the time tick by as we waited for our adventure to begin. After our last period, Civics, we packed up our belongings, geared up with pads and headed down the bike path to the skate park. Our friend, Tyler, tagged along on his way home. He was on a bike, so we couldn’t catch up to him on our skateboards, considering how bumpy the bike path was.

As Alex and I approached the hill that Tyler already rode down, we quickly gained speed and assumed positions to be more aerodynamic. My fear grew and grew as Alex got closer to me, but we made it down the hill safely. Alex and I parted ways from Tyler as he headed home. We were on the final stretch till we got to the skate park.

We showed the guy at the concession stand our membership cards and entered the park. As we practiced aerial tricks, we reached immense heights in the nine, eight and seven- foot bowls. It was a great time at the skate park and a beautiful journey to get there as the scenery and creek went by. I’ll definitely convince my parents to let me do this again.



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