Courage and Kindness

Liz Pryor books

I’m a Liz Pryor fan!

When I heard about her recently published memoir, Look at You Now, I knew I had to read it. Look at You Now takes place in 1979 when 17-year-old Pryor discovers she’s pregnant. Her parents are determined to keep it a secret, so they send her to a locked government-run facility for pregnant teenagers who are delinquent or in the foster care system. Pryor, who’s from a loving family in a wealthy suburb, is scared and lonely, but she soon bonds with the other girls. The friendships that develop are touching. Told from her innocent, 17-year-old perspective, Pryor’s story is riveting.

I enjoyed Look at You Now so much that I decided to read a book that she published in 2006. In What Did I Do Wrong? Pryor, an advice guru, explores the hardships that women face when a female friendship ends suddenly. She shares her own experiences, those of other women and she seeks the advice of experts. Her practical solutions encourage women to be honest and compassionate with one another. What Did I Do Wrong? is warm, inspirational and entertaining.

“BE BRAVE. BE KIND.” appears at the top of Pryor’s twitter page, @lifewithliz. Those are good words to live by.





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