A Zucchini Blossom

zucchini blossom

I love gardening. Putting a seed in the ground, watering it, letting the sun shine on it, and having it grow into something beautiful and edible is, for me, miraculous and gratifying.

Every plant I grow is like a baby to me, so when I woke up to see this incredible blossom, I was beyond excited.



Salmon Tartines

salmon tartines - med

I was inspired to make salmon tartines after watching, “The Last Word,” a movie starring Shirley MacLaine as Harriet Lauler, a retired businesswoman and control freak. Harriet wants to make sure she’s remembered fondly after her death, so she hires a journalist to pen her obituary while she is still living. The only problem is that nobody seems to like Harriet, so she decides to do some good deeds in order to have a glowing obituary. Continue reading “Salmon Tartines”