Dogs on Deck Chairs

dogs on deck chairs

I saw these notecards at Barnes & Noble and I knew they were for me. I love dogs, the ocean and Adirondack chairs. Continue reading “Dogs on Deck Chairs”


4:27 by Evan Chun

IMG_5166My son’s English assignment was to write about facing a fear. I loved his story so much that I had to post it here! Fortunately, he had pictures to illustrate just how scary this trick is.

4:27 by Evan Chun

It was a Sunday afternoon in summer, and I was going to the skate park, nicknamed Blue Gates, due to the color of the fences. It was 4:27 p.m., three minutes until skate session was over and bike session would start. I hesitated, rolling back and forth, thinking of all the terrible ways rolling into the nine could end, a skateboard trick in which you ride up to a bowl or ramp without getting off your board, turn right over the lip and down the face of the transition. Continue reading “4:27 by Evan Chun”

A Zucchini Blossom

zucchini blossom

I love gardening. Putting a seed in the ground, watering it, letting the sun shine on it, and having it grow into something beautiful and edible is, for me, miraculous and gratifying.

Every plant I grow is like a baby to me, so when I woke up to see this incredible blossom, I was beyond excited.